The Rothko Socks

, 2013
Standard size | Off-white and red

85%Cotton 10%Polyamid 5%Elastine
Made in Barcelona

These socks are a replica of the pair the great American painter Mark Rothko was wearing at the time of his suicide. Such a tragic event affirms a palette of colours which characterise the artist’s profound existential preoccupations.

Non-objective Bib

, 2013
Toddler size | Black on white
100% cotton
Made in Barcelona

In 1913 the artist Kazimir Malevich developed a visual abstract language that attempted to set up “a genuine world order, a new philosophy of life”.  This bib bearing the black square, icon of Suprematism, suggests the promising beginnings of a new-born child.

Martin, keep your trousers up!

, 2014
Beer belly size
Leather and metal buckle
Made in Barcelona
Martin Kippenberger, self-proclaimed “artist of the 80s”, struggled to keep his trousers up at public events. His provocative and jokey attitude was a part of his artistic persona; but couldn’t it also have been the product of not owning a decent belt?

The Art Dealer’s Mat

, 2014
Printed text on PVC coir matting
62 x 33 cm
Made in Barcelona
Shipping cost included

Art dealer Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler won a respected place in art history as an early supporter of Cubist painters such as Pablo Picasso, Juan Gris and Georges Braque. But you wouldn’t want to live near him knowing his habit of wiping his feet on the neighbour’s mat – as Picasso remarked after a visit to his dealer’s house.


, 2015
80% cotton, 20% polyester
Unisex Apron
Made in Barcelona

Martha Rosler’s seminal performance in 1975, Semiotics of the Kitchen, spread an aversion towards cooking amongst female artists. This unisex apron is an attempt to bring love back to the kitchen.


Arts and Clothes produces clothing accessories based on iconic artists from the 20th century. It explores the myth of the artist by reconsidering processes of production, valuation, distribution and consumption of the art object.

A&C is an initiative from Bernat Daviu, Enric Farres and one other who wishes to remain anonymous.


  • Swab Art Fair, Barcelona

    , 1 October, 2014

    Arts&Clothes participates in Swab Art Fair (2th-5th of October) with Galeria Balaguer. more info here

  • TimeOut

    , 29 August, 2014

    Article on Arts&Clothes in TimeOut Barcelona.

  • Arts&Clothes in Barcelona Design Week

    , 8 May, 2014

    Arts&Clohtes will present new products in Barcelona Design Week on the 7th and 8th of June in Passatge Studio. Come along! more info here

  • The non-objective bibs in Bundeskunsthalle

    , 19 March, 2014

    guten Tag! the non-objective bibs are now for sale in Bundeskunsthalle, coinciding with Malevich and the Russian avant-garde exhibition.

  • Distribution agreement with mútliplos

    , 25 January, 2014

    Arts&Clothes is delighted to announce an agreement with múltiplos for the distribution of their products

  • The Rothko Socks in Halfhouse

    , 2 November, 2013

    Today Saturday 2nd of October and tomorrow 3rd, the Rothko Socks are for sale in the event múltiplos is organising at Halfhouse, Barcelona. more info here

  • Special Edition

    , 9 October, 2013

    Tomorrow 10th of October, in the opening of the new season at Galeria Miquel Alzueta in Barcelona, you can find a special edition of the Rothko Socks with a drawing of the artist by Bernat Daviu.

  • MoMA PS1

    , 15 September, 2013

    From September 20th to 22nd you can buy the Rothko Socks in NY Art Fair, MoMA PS1 with múltiplos.